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Crawley's Nominated Charity for EDS, HSD and Symtomatic Hypermobility!

Morgan Flack, Acting Mayor for Crawley, recently announced that SEDS are her nominated charity for Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes, Hypermobility & Symptomatic Hypermobility. Morgan suffers with EDS herself, and recently disclosed her hidden disability during her acceptance speech.

She has suffered with EDS her whole life, and is confidentially using her new position to help drive more awareness of her illness.

Speaking at the full council meeting, she said;

"We are fortunate in Crawley to have a strong local EDS and HSD charity, with a fantastic ambassador at the helm, that goes above and beyond by delivering brilliant education sessions and working with local NHS provision to increase awareness."

We are so grateful to Morgan for her support and we are hopeful that her voice as well as our own will continue to drive more awareness of these illnesses.

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