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UK School Toolkit for EDS and JHS Launch

Yesterday (27th May 2021) saw the launch of the FREE UK School Toolkit for EDS & JHS developed by The Ehlers-Danlos Support UK in collaboration with Hypermobility Syndromes Association to plug the urgent need for education of staff in mainstream primary and secondary schools in order to give children better opportunities in attainment and attendance.

SEDS Chair, Jane Green MA Ed. voluntarily led on the content creation for the Toolkit, liaising with teachers, parents, carers and medical professionals, and helping with the overall design and accessibility of this fantastic, online resource. This has been her passion and her initial idea after her diagnosis.

The free school Toolkit for EDS (Ehlers-Danlos syndromes) and JHS (Joint Hypermobility syndromes) aims to provide education staff with more information, strategies and approaches.

Speaking about her role in the creation of the Toolkit Jane said:

"The school toolkit for EDS and JHS is long awaited and overdue. Schools have commonly not understood EDS and JHS in children and young people. They are often not believed to be ill or in pain or injured as it seems to come out of nowhere.

Sometimes parents or carers are questioned regarding how it happened but have no answer. As an ex-Assistant Headteacher and long-term hEDS sufferer, I know how real these symptoms are and how frustrating the lack of understanding of the condition/s can be for all involved. Recognition of the issues can make all the difference to quality of life

We are hopeful that this resource will help shape the future of children with EDS, and JHS or symptomatic hypermobility and are extremely grateful to Jane for helping to launch the first ever UK school toolkit for EDS and JHS.

You can view the Toolkit at

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