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About Us:

SEDSConnective improves and actively supports the lives of people with symptomatic hypermobility which includes all classifications and those undiagnosed (EDS, HSD, JHS) and Neurodivergence (primarily autism, ADHD, dyspraxia, Tourettes’ syndrome) and associated conditions, families and carers, in health, education, social care, employment and transport accessibility. 

We collaborate with professionals, researchers and advisers in these allied fields, with organisations and other charities in mutual reciprocity. 


We aim to raise awareness and acceptance of our issues in health, education, social care, employment and in transport accessibility through connection to allied professionals, advocacy and research.

We are independent and mainly experience by expert led from Board down but operate co-productively in essence.  We operate at general member level supporting with advice, signposting and empowering members to understand but also in the local region actually actively support by uniquely funding specialist activities and therapies.  


More widely we support with advocacy and signposting, with our own publications, research collaborations, leading research from our Patron Dr J Eccles and her team, webinars and professional talks at conferences.   We sit on various organisations and Boards as respected specialists in this area to actively support us, ‘nothingAboutUsWithoutUs’

We work in highly collaborative ways to make transformational change leading to better solutions and outcomes both locally and globally.  We have established specialisms in these areas or allied areas like education, health, social care and or established disability advocates. 


Our Story: Jane Green

Jane left school early with only 2 basic qualifications at age 16 and was considered dim.  After bringing up her children, both ill, whilst studying online to do degrees and working and bringing up her now adult children, she continuously suffered strange injuries and illnesses.  She was disbelieved to be ill/injured and had to turn down the chance to do her Doctorate due to health issues but continued working in education. She taught at St Piers special epilepsy/autism school, advisory autism teacher in the Local Authority, Lead educationalist at NAS, steered and led out the social model of the Autism Education Trust training, Autism consultancy for Local Authorities, Autism Accreditation assessor and Assistant Headteacher plus professional speaker/consultant.

Her health continued to decline and after being labelled ‘bendy' she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and fibromyalgia stopping her career in 2015. Only then she received a diagnosis of EDS3 now hEDS, but immediately discharged as there was no defined treatment protocol. Although very ill, she felt there would be others out there like her who must also be overlooked. She realised there was a need for more local active expert by experience led support and is a great proponent of coproduction, so enthused others to join her and SEDSconnective was born.  It has now grown to be the first symptomatic hypermobility and neurodivergent global charity.


Jane voluntarily led out the first ever school toolkit content for EDS and JHS for UK charities during Covid and has written many publications. SEDSConnective won awards for their innovative work and helping to save lives during the first lockdown and since then. Their resources still reside on the Dept. for Health and Social Care and British Ass.of Social Workers.

She is in demand as she has vast experience, and currently sits on various non Executive Boards in health and social care, as well as founding and Chairing SEDSconnective and other neurodivergent groups. She is involved in various guidances and projects locally and nationally.  This year she has 3 papers being published in health and education this year. 

2006 she was awarded the South East Open University Regional Award and Adult Learner Award for my outstanding achievement and dedication. Crawley Heroes award 2019- winner 

BBC Surrey, Sussex, N Hants- Carers award 2019 commended 

Applause Awards – Lifetime Achievement/Stronger Together/Stronger Communities/sports awards 2019, and 2020. 

Helpforce National Hero Award for covid work supporting others without a break in Sussex and nationally with DHSC and health groups. 2020 

High Sherriff of West Sussex – for outstanding activity and contribution to the community 2020 

Henry Smith MP - Crawley Coronavirus Community Champion for outstanding support in our community during covid 19 2020 and helping save lives  

Mid Sussex Community Champion SEDS and Jane Green for going above and beyond for your community during the coronavirus crisis 2021 

In 2022 Jane won the AK)  autism Heroes’ awards for best support group and the Peoples’ awards


Education psych. UK  2nd Most Read Blog on hypermobility despite a covid year in the UK. 

20 articles and publications, press, tv BBC news as a spokesperson, LBC, radio promoting the issues of hypermobility and/or autism.School Toolkit for hypermobility  

Autism Cards/Help Cards, companion cards, prof. Cards. BBCI360 turning it gold for autism acceptance day. 


In the 2023 New Year Honours, Jane was awarded an MBE for voluntary services to neurodivergent people (autistic, dyspraxic, ADHD, Tourette’s syndromes) and those with related joint hypermobility syndromes including Ehlers-Danlos syndromes and the also closely related Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders. 

MA Ed. (Leadership and Management), AHT, Autism
Adv. Dip.Ed. (Child Development)
BSc. (HONS) Psych. OU


Meet the Team-Advisors

We are always grateful to the skilled advisers who help many of us and our members with their expertease;

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