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What is Neurodivergence?

NEURODIVERGENCE is the concept, the actual notion, the idea - of not being neurotypical. 

A group or person, an adult or child can be neurodivergent or neurotypical.


Neurodivergence is having a brain that behaves, learns and processes differently to the neuro-majority. 


An Autistic person or a person with ADHD, is Dyspraxic, Dyslexic, Dyscalculic or has Tourette's for example, is a neurodivergent person.  

Neurodivergence is the concept of not being neurotypical. 

It is also possible to be multi-neurodivergent. 

We continue to share information to help advise and educate. We focus on neurodivergence and are a community led neurodivergent voice. 

We believe that it is likely that our connective tissues are different to those of the general population, and some of these are identified in these neurodivergences. 

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