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'I Cannot Wear a Face Mask' Card
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What are JHS, EDS and HSD? Information Card

Counselling, Mindfulness and help for anxiety, depression and COVID-19 related issues

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Brighton & Hove
Winter Household Support Fund


To Brighton and Hove SEDS Members


We've been successful in getting funding from Brighton & Hove Council for the Winter Household Support Fund this year.  If you are a Brighton & Hove Council resident, you're welcome to submit a funding application to us of up to £200 to cover a contribution towards your bills for:





*Wider essential needs (sanitary products, warm blankets, warm clothing, soap, boiler repair, etc.)


You do not need to be in receipt of benefits to receive this funding. The Council appreciates that many vulnerable people are caught outside of the benefits system and are struggling with the rising costs of food and energy. 50% of the finite grant we have received must be spent on households with children (although households without children are equally as eligible to apply for funding) so the total amount allocated to each household will depend on the number of applications received.  


To apply for this funding you MUST have joined the SEDS website as a member (not just our Private Facebook Group)
If you have not joined us via the website, please sign up for free here


Once you have signed up to the website, applicants must please send us the following information by

14 March 2022:


*Completed application form here 

*Copy (screenshot, scan or photo) of your receipts (to help us for reporting purposes) 

*Copy (screenshot, scan or photo) of your B&H Council Tax bill or other proof of address

*Make sure you clearly state whether your household has a child or children under the age of 19 


Allocation of funds will remain completely anonymous to the Council and once your application is approved.  SEDS do not keep any copies of your data.