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Alert Cards (Bundle)

Alert Cards (Bundle)

Use our award winning alert cards to inform people about your needs. Available in a business card size or other sizes for your personal use so you can easily carry a card in your wallet or purse.

Our award-winning alert cards from Covid 19 in 2020/21  are free to download, use and personalise. They were initially used by the Department of Health and Social Care, BASW and many other charities. There were coproduced and importantly can be personalised as and when you need them.

All cards in this bundle are available as a PDF for printing. You can also open the files in Powerpoint to personalise the cards and add your own text. 

These are FREE!  Please note that this is a digital download and you will not receive a physical product. 

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Sizes available

  • UK postcard
  • UK business card
  • US business card

Cards available

  • I am Autistic
  • I am ADHD
  • I am Dyslexic
  • I am Neurodivergent
  • Medical Alert!
  • I am AuDHD
  • I have Dyspraxia
  • I have EDS
  • I have hEDS
  • I have symptomatic Hypermobility
  • I am neurohypermobile
  • I have pgHSD
  • I have HSD
  • I have Tourette's
  • I am a Carer / Essential Companion
  • I have a Chronic Illness / I am Disabled
  • I am Disabled
  • Copyright

    These cards are free to use but SEDSConnective retains copyright. Copyright ©SEDS Connective. All rights reserved.  Permission granted to reproduce for personal and educational use only. Commercial copying, hiring, lending is prohibited. May be used free of charge. Selling without prior written consent prohibited. 

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