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Is joint hypermobility linked to self-reported non-recovery from COVID-19?

Image Credit: The Guardian. Photograph: Catherine Falls Commercial/Getty Images

On the 19th March a study was published by BMJ Journals, The Guardian and The Daily Mail, suggesting that people with joint hypermobility might be at increased risk of long COVID, and may not have fully recovered.

The study was led by our patron; Dr Jessica Eccles with researchers from Brighton & Sussex Medical School & Kings College London.

The study looked at data from over 3000 participants in the Zoe Health Study and found that hypermobile people "...were about 30% more likely to be affected by long COVID symptoms."

Although this study doesn't prove that hypermobility caused their illness, there is a plausible mechanism through which it could contribute to symptoms.

Congratulations to Dr Eccles and all involved in the study.

This research is key and supports what we have been saying for years!

Read the full report published by BMJ Journal here.

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