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Applying the Alexander Technique with Hypermobility Issues

I'm Natalie, 39 from Seaford.

I have hypermobility, without diagnosis.

I spent many years trying unsuccessfully to address debilitating back and neck pain without input from anyone with any expertise in hypermobility. I have a vivid memory of feeling demoralised when told by a Physio that I needed to improve my posture, yet she couldn't show me the way forward when the strategies she presented weren't working.

Sometime later, I discovered the Alexander Technique and gradually things changed. I started having Alexander lessons over 15 years ago because of chronic pain and a complete inability to feel comfortable in my body.

Sitting, standing, walking, sleeping, everything ...

I was constantly fidgeting and tired. The things I have found which have helped me self-manage include Clinical Pilates with a hypermobility aware Physio and low impact exercise whilst applying principles from the Alexander Technique.

The Alexander Technique taught me to use my body better when doing exercises, breaking a persistent cycle of injuries. Lessons helped me improve the use of my postural systems at my speed. Lessons also gave me skills to manage chronic pain and pace my daily energy resources.

By learning how to use my body with more coordination and integration I experienced less pain and this freed me up to get stronger and fitter. The practical strategies I learned became part of my daily life and helped me show up for work in a sedentary job which was triggering a lot of pain.

Now I can do all the things I would like to do without the constant feeling of discomfort and fidgeting. Having a portable toolbox of strategies to manage energy, pain and fitness has helped me out countless times on tiring trips away and days at work. Learning how to rest constructively and let go of unneeded tension helps me feel more relaxed and in control of my body. I left my career as an NHS clinician to complete a 3year Alexander Technique teacher training course because it was such a life changing experience and because it is such a pleasure to be able to teach other people these empowering skills.

I am happy to support SEDS members and non-members.

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