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Autism Acceptance Day

ARTICLE for Carers Support West Sussex by Jane Green, 2nd April 2022

Traditionally April 2nd has been known as Autism Awareness Day with jigsaw piece symbols and the colour blue but for the autistic community around the world it’s known as Autism Acceptance Day.

We want to change the deficit narrative around the autistic people. The autistic community do not believe in autism awareness day as it is a passive notion, you can be aware of anything and it not have meaning...

...There are a number of events planned throughout Sussex, with a number of landmarks being illuminated gold to mark the occasion. The Deputy Mayor of Crawley, Morgan Flack will be giving a speech at Crawley Mall at 10am on Saturday 2nd April as the building 'Goes Gold'. The Mayor of Brighton and Hove, the Rt Hon. Cllr Alan Robins will be speaking at Brighton Palace Pier at 4pm. The pier will be lit up 5pm, followed by the British Airways i360 from 6:30pm.

Read Jane's full article here: Carers Support West Sussex

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