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Diagnosis- Rare or not rare and the links.....

Autism was considered rare less that 30 years ago at around 2-4 per 1000. Diagnosis was mainly boys and those with learning disabilities. Now in the UK, it is estimated 1/100 are diagnosed autistic and no doubt more undiagnosed. Why?

Perhaps it is due to better knowledge, understanding somewhat, widening criteria for assessment and perhaps less male spectrum bias. Perhaps it is more battling for equality and opportunity to be supported by battling women/NB who are mainly symptomatically affected but also affects other genders.

Something is else currently considered rare... Ehlers-Danlos syndromes and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders, JHS and symptomatic hypermobility are strongly linked with emerging evidence to autism/neurodivergence (ADHD, dyspraxia). We are battling to get heard from alot of beleaguered sufferers of symptomatic hypermobility. The most common types hEDS, JHS and the closely related HSD are approx.85% more likely to be diagnosed by clinicians yet, are still considered rare along with much rarer types of EDS.

Is this time for parity with the prevalence of autism/ADHD, dyspraxia diagnosis? #Autism #neurodivergence #neurodivergent #EDS #HSD #JHS #hypermobility #rareNotrare #diagnosis #autistic

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