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You're on MUTE!

In the Covid era, digital technology has both improved the accessibility to being heard but also heightened the inaccessibility and challenge to intract for others. It has highlighted how I need to indicate, on occasions in large online meetings, when to speak or even, dare I say it, interrupt.

It is also noticeable that not all devices or users can use the electronic hands or if they do they are not seen by the hoster(s). Secondly, the chat box. It seems to be used not at all, occasionally, or if used, disregarded.

I sit on a few Boards. They are different in structure and not least in terminology. I have learnt most from sitting on groups or Boards with people with very mixed diverse issues and challenges, without question. I empathise, probably too deeply, but realised that I am guilty in using inaccessible terminology all the time as we all do, that is not accessible. We all need easy read in unknown areas. Sometimes we need a reminder of ‘plain language’.

Thirdly, particularly online, if I am not allowed in the meeting on time or even given the wrong link, I find it a little stressful. At this point I prefer introductions or initial talk from myself to be in the chat box. For others who are non-speaking or non-verbal it might be the norm. Please remember to read out loud any comments or questions made in the chatbox so all is inclusive and not just made a note of sometime later.

Finally You’re on MUTE. We all do it , we all say it, some even act it. Just hold up a card instead of the miming unless it is fun, again!

Jane Green

If interested please contact

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