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Bridging the Gap

BLOG PIECE - Karen Windsor - Lymphatic Reflexologist Therapist – Mindfulness Coach.

Age 41 - East Grinstead

I am diagnosed with 8 possibly 9 disorders, but it all started in 2005 with a diagnosis of lymphoedema followed by Lipoedema 2015, Dercum's disease, Chronic Fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, Hypermobilty Ehlers-Danlos syndromes hEDS, and osteoarthritis.

First was a diagnosis of lymphoedema (a fluid protein) because of an open wound to my left shin. After some 30 operations to receive diagnosis of an lipoedema (pea size painful fat abnormal ) in 2015, and then others, including Dercum's (heavy large lipomas).

Lipoedema photo credit to

Finally, after some visits to musculo-skeletal services I managed to see a rheumatologist in 2016 for a hEDS diagnosis.

These conditions are all connective tissue disorders ( Lipoedema as recently as 2020 was known as an abnormal fat cell which is inside the body it’s hard, painful and is small as a pea or can inflame and grow larger, but it’s also a connective tissue disorder ).

11% of women in the USA and U.K. are thought to have this, but it’s just not as recognised as we would like, the same for hEDS or HSD.

Knowing that these conditions are linked, and that I have them has seen a dramatic increase of (primarily women) coming forward with the same.

I had spent from 2005 to 2017 fighting all of these disorders. Depressed and unable to look after myself, needing help aids to get around, constantly in and out of hospital and getting nowhere, until I started using holistic treatments, and I began to see so many changes.

First change started in 2017, and since then I’ve gotten stronger, still suffering, but seeing things in a completely different way, which led to me starting my own clinic.

I now study how holistically I can help. I have 13 diplomas in various treatments, including reflexology, massage, fascia therapy.

Even now, today, my work has taken a new turn to understanding the fascia and hEDS which has me feeling excited because of what has been happening to me over past few months. I’m excited to share my thoughts and knowledge.

I have joined SEDSconnective, because recent research has found that the lymphatic disorders are actually a connective tissue disorder closely linked to hEDS – EDS – HSD.

I want to learn more and who better to learn from than the community itself!

Working in a busy clinic with many others with lymphatic disorders, I am more and more hearing the words Hypermobility EDS, HSD and these clients need help guidance and so I want to be that bridge that helps build the community.

Karen Windsor

Sculpt & Change Therapies

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