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One Big Day!

One Big day was an event hosted on 29th April 2022, for family and friend carers living in West Sussex.

Hosted by Carers Support West Sussex, West Sussex County Council, Local NHS Services, and members of the Carers Strategic Partnership.

Three eminent keynote speakers were invited to talk about their own experience of being carers and caring, and how that shaped the work they now do to help carers.

Chair and Founder of SEDS, Jane Green MA Ed exAHT, was invited to speak as one of these Keynote speakers.

Jane, a professional educationalist lead for autism spoke on championing health, education, social care, employment, transport issues in Ehlers-Danlos

The event was buzzing with chatter and many people felt the joy of reconnecting with each other in real life.

The organisers were delighted that those who attended and spoke were able to share their experiences as carers, and provided a visual representation of the many connections it has for them.

If you want to see Jane's presentation, as well as the other speakers who were in attendance, please go to:

You can view the above content anytime from 29th April until 12th June 2022

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