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New Pain advisers for SEDSConnective

We 're delighted to introduce our 2 new pain advisers Dr David Moore, a Reader in Pain Psychology, and Bethany Donaghy a PhD Student.

Dr David Moore:

David Moore is a Reader in Pain Psychology at Liverpool John Moores University, and a co-founder of the Somatosensory and Affective Neuroscience Research Group.

David is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and his research interests include somatosensation in autism (pain and gentle touch), as well as the cognitive impact of pain.

His recent work has been seeking to examine the pain experiences and expressions of autistic people, and examining how to better provide pain education and management for autistic patients.

He is interested in the experiences of pain in neurodivergent people and potential links with hypermobility

Twitter: @DaveMoore_Pain

Bethany Donaghy

Bethany is an autistic PhD student at Liverpool John Moores University with Dr David Moore as her Director of Studies, and co-supervisors Professor Helen Poole, Dr Ben Rosser and Dr Michelle Failla.

Bethany's PhD project aims to examine factors which relate to pain experience and expression in autistic children and young people through a mixed methods approach utilising various psychophysical and qualitative methods.

She is delighted to be a part of SEDSconnective; the overlaps of interest between her own work and SEDSconnective, working closely with Jane Green on her academic paper and hearing about the amazing SEDSconnective community, are fundamental in Bethany wanting to contribute for us.

She is excited to be joining the team in advocating, and learning from one another, with the aim of improving the experiences of, and appropriate adaptations for physical health conditions.


Pro Vice-Chancellor PhD Scholarship Award, Liverpool John Moores University.

MSc Brain and Behaviour, Liverpool John Moores University.

BSc Applied Psychology, Liverpool John Moores University.

We would like to offer both Dave and Bethany a warm welcome to SEDSConnective, and are really looking forward to working with you both.

If you would like to reach out to either Dave or Bethany, please contact them via or via their links above.

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