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"Walking the path of thorns" along with hypermobility EDS and dyslexia

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by Solomon Ballin, Age 27

I was diagnosed with dyslexia at 12 years old, it is said that I could also have other neurodivergence conditions like Dyscalculia and ADHD, although neither are diagnosed.

I have a diagnosis of hypermobility Ehlers-Danlos syndromes (hEDS), Fibromyalgia and Mast cell activation syndrome along with 15 other physical health conditions, all diagnosed from the age of 20 with the onset of symptoms starting at 13 years old.


I used to work as a healthcare assistant, a job where I had the ability to make a difference in people’s lives, change them for the better or give them the best quality care before they pass away from cancer of other terminally ill health conditions. An ability to adapt my behaviours is thought to be an ADHD thing- hyper focus, that once you find you vocation, something you are passionate about, you can thrive in that said field. Feedback to my care co-ordinator was  high praise in my favour from team leaders and managers of services.

I worked in the healthcare sector for just under 8 years including private childcare. Unfortunately, due to an entire range of symptoms including fatigue, joint subluxations, dislocations, heightened sensitivities, and stress responses to pain, led me to giving up my healthcare assistant role and leaving work completely in the end.

But my health and wellbeing career aspirations did not end there as I wanted to know if I could find a way to have a larger impact on society (but with less physical impact on my body).

Present and Future:

I have found a way to study to be a Psychotherapist, counsellor, and charity volunteer. Sometimes I am unable to walk, unable to think, see or feel, stabbing pains in my chest and a terribly weak body. I have pure will and determination, it is what drives me, I am now going to the gym, swimming, and working to be better and achieve my goals (studying and volunteering once a week). The pain is bad, but the dream is real, and with the support of SEDSConnective, it means that awareness is made available for symptomatic hypermobility (EDS HSD) and awareness is made known to doctors, specialists, hospitals, education systems and other parties that all play a vital part in our ability to stay, healthy, happy, and successful in life.

If you would like to volunteer for SEDSConnective please go to our volunteer section on

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