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WorldMenopauseDay 18th October- RED ANTS - I was told I would be put on Multiple Sclerosis pathway!

by Jane Green

I am used to disbelief and rolling eyes but when I asked for help from the doctor that I was suffering from red ants crawling under my skin on arms, back and neck, the eye rolling disbelief was very evident. They were so real and very unpleasant. The doctor was going to put me on the Multiple Sclerosis pathway but in the end I asked about the menopause as I was 57. She said okay I could try HRT. Result- Ants were gone. It was called formication parenthesis and can happen during the menopause.

I had probably fell apart before but not realised the increased attacks of allergies were related to menopause like MCAS, small fibre neuropathy pain increase, joint pain and poor sleep. The 'red ants' were a notable symptom and does happen to some people. I had a few years earlier at age been told that my subluxations, sprains on my ankle and fibular head joint pain (which is misaligned) were probably just aches and pain from the menopause when I was not even perimenopausal as the specialist had said we all get 'aches and pains at our age'. Dislocations, subluxations and sprains are not just 'aches and pains' that the general population get but it is our normal.

Working and menopause:

During the years before I had tried to continue to work but physically fell apart.

Here is a link to the menopause guidance if you are working.

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